Patti Woods

Interior Designer

PATTI WOODS INTERIORS was established in 2008 with an emphasis on residential spaces. Educational background includes a degree in Graphic Design and Art. Work experience includes both fashion and interiors photo styling, as well as an illustrator and fine artist.

At Patti Woods Interiors , it is essential to create environments that both complement and suit the lifestyle of the client, while creating something timeless and comfortable. Balance, light, color, and art are a part of every design, along with clean and simple furnishings. It is important while achieving the project goal, that there is always a synthesis of the architecture and interiors, along with the client’s desires, to create a home that is both beautiful and personal.

We should thank the artist for pointing us to ” an attachment to beautiful architecture and the pursuit of an exuberant and affectionate family life.” ~ The Architecture of Happiness